30 day yoga bingo challenge

Find your edge and celebrate National Yoga Month this September during our 30 Day Yoga BINGO Challenge!
Participants will have up to 30 days to complete 25 yoga & healthy living related challenges and more. There are several prize categories and one Grand Prize! Challenge begins September 1st.


1 Line: (50 prizes)
•10% off your next purchase at Yoga Shala. (Discount expires 12/31/2015)

2 Lines: (20 prizes)
•Free Yoga Class at Yoga Shala for you or a friend. (Free class expires 12/31/2015)

3 Lines: (4 prizes; first come, first serve, value $50-60)
•60 Minute Reiki Session
•50 Minute Reflexology Session
•A week’s worth of Meal Planning & Groceries Delivered (Client pays for cost of groceries)
•Health history and Personalized Health Coaching Session

4 Lines: (2 prizes, value $102)
•50 Minute Massage & a deTerra Essential Oils Started Kit that includes 3 essential oils

Final Drawing Grand Prize:
(value $368+)
• Jade Yoga Mat
• Yoga Sak
• Kooshoo Headband
• 50 minute Reflexology Session
• Private Yoga Session with Wayne
• One Month Unlimited Yoga at Yoga Shala......and more

BINGO Cards:
To participate in the Challenge, BINGO Cards my be purchased at the studio for $15. One card per client. Participants will receive a copy of their card and we will keep one at the studio to hang on the wall. You may purchase BINGO cards August 17th - September 5th. The challenge beings on Sept 1st so if you want an entire 30 days to complete 25 squares make your purchase early.


•Complete one challenge per day. Date must be written on square if marking BINGO card in person at the studio.
•Participants must notify us of each square by email/text/social media/call or in person EVERY DAY. We will keep official track in a spreadsheet. NO EXCETPIONS. If you do not notify us by 9pm it will not count.

Email: yogajamie313@gmail.com
Text/call: 313-520-3377
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YogaShalaandWellnessCenter?fref=ts

•For the “bring a guest for free” square the guest must be someone who is new to the studio.
•Some squares ask you to review, share or tag Yoga Shala on Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account either set one up or we will sub those squares for attending another class at Yoga Shala.

Claiming BINGO:
•All BINGO’s must be submitted by 9pm that day to see if anyone else got the same prize category. If there is a tie, the person who has attended the most yoga classes during the challenge at that time wins. If there is still a tie based on class attendance we will then do a random drawing.

Final Drawing for Grand Prize:
Must have a Full BINGO Card at the end of the 30 day Challenge to be entered in the Final Drawing.
•Will get an additional entry for each class you take over 15 by the end of the challenge

Sponsors for the 30 Day Yoga BINGO Challenge:

Jade Yoga Mat
The Original Yoga Sak
Kooshoo Headbands
Transform Yoga and Massage
Massage by Ashleigh
Stillness and Strength Yoga
Flavors of Freedom
Health Coach Leah Stefanski, CHHC
Soothe Your Soles
Wayne Wang Yoga
Reiki with Karla

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